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  • 34 Mausoleum Lane, Opposite Apra House
    North Industrial Area Accra-Ghana
  • +233 (0)302231529



Our story began in 1981 as a trading company in one of Accra’s most prestigious locations.

Today we are a wholly manufacturing company, located in the City’s Industrial Area, North Kaneshie. We are one of the oldest Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Ghana. We stand the test of time, through our continued innovative formulations, high quality drugs and strict compliance with all our Regulatory bodies.

Today, Golden Tower has several brands that are prominent household names. At Golden Tower, we please all our different stakeholder groups. With significant impact in our community through several Corporate Responsibility projects.

Our staff expertise and satisfaction is unmatched. A combination of satisfied stakeholders is how we deliver high quality cures and care to our community.

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