• 34 Mausoleum Lane, Opposite Apra House
    North Industrial Area Accra-Ghana
  • +233 (0)302231529



Let us face it, there is nothing quite like finding a place to work that is filled with passion, innovation and lots and lots of so many – fabulously talented people.

And here at Golden Tower, we have got all of that and a whole lot more. Whatever your aspirations in life, however far you want to go, if you love to create, test, make things happen, have initiative and are as committed as we are to being the very best at what you do and to cure infections or helping in the delivering of our medicines to those that need it, then join us.

Whether you are a Graduate fresh out of University, Polytechnic or a dedicated professional who wants to take your ideas to a bigger stage there is a bright future for you here.

As well as training you on-the-job, we’ll put you through your paces on all sorts of programmes that are tailored to your ambitions.

Current vacancies include Human Resources, Marketing, Regulatory Affairs, Production Pharmacists, Production staff, Machine operators, Administrative, Quality Control, Quality Assurance Managers, Health and Safety (Cleaning) and General Managers.

Complete the form below and attach your CV to show your interest.

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