• 34 Mausoleum Lane, Opposite Apra House
    North Industrial Area Accra-Ghana
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Golden tower Ltd being part of a highly regulated industry in Ghana operate in transparency, and adopt innovative technologies, we manage our regulatory compliance well. Our records speaks volume on the pharmaceutical manufacturing front.

The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a period of heightened regulatory scrutiny both in Ghana and globally. This scrutiny is occurring in a number of areas, including: sales and marketing practices, health information, post-marketing drug safety reporting, and in quality control activities around manufacturing operations. This trend is driving a powerful reaction among companies to put in place robust enterprise-wide compliance management programs designed to reduce risk, enhance management controls, and ensure compliance.

Food and Drugs Authority and, Environmental Protection Agency, on regular basis, physical inspection of our premises are conducted, to subject us to strict Security so we comply with their directives in order to safe guard the health need of the population. Regulatory scrutiny and enforcement actions will certainly continue given the ever increasing volume of drug sales on the market.

Golden Tower Ltd over years has subjected all its operations under Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), The Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) and other relevant authorities and stakeholders.

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