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Through our Staff, Communities, Environment and Business

Over the last 30 years, we have continued and will continue to care for our stakeholders and our environment. Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to operating as a socially responsible business and we recognize the active role we play in helping to cure infections and diseases, build healthier and happier communities and protect our environment. Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is centered on four key areas:

Our Staff: Health and Safety, Learning and Development, Career progression and Idea sharing.

Our communities: Curing our communities of diseases, improving the quality of health, improving happiness, medicine gaining access to remote and low income Ghanaians and preservation of culture.

Our Environment: Monitoring, reporting and compliance with emissions standards, waste management, recycling and preservation of natural resources.

Our Business: Compliance with regulatory bodies and law, highest ethical standards, Creating trust and responsible supply chain management.


Located in the heart of Accra is our factory. Here, we live amongst the Ga- Adangbe. Homowo (Hooting at Hunger) festival, is an annual celebration by our local people.

At Golden Tower, by partnering with chiefs and traditional houses during this festive season, we educate the community on the importance of the continuous availability of food, nutrition, diet and a healthier quality of life and to remind the younger generation of the importance of protecting existing farms that provide food, investing in the agricultural sector and encourage farming to prevent famine and starvation in future. Thereby securing our nutritional needs.



Golden Tower Ltd continuously, assists communities confronted with health challenges by supporting organize medical outreach programs and donate medications to those in need so their lives would be improved. Through these programmes our medications are administered through qualified health professionals to reach the under privileged communities, improve health of families, communities and nation.

Our outreach program plays a critical role in improving and extending the reach of health care through activities such as health education through the media, health screening and facilitating access to service. These activities can directly or indirectly improve health outcomes of families, communities, society and the nation.


The health and safety of our staff is at the core of how we operate. Regulatory standards pertaining to staff health and safety in the work place are strictly complied with. From our working environment, to our codes of practice, they all meet the strategic aim of protecting the health and safety of our staff.

Learning and Development is at the pivot of what we do. From sponsorship through Higher Education, to continuous Professional Development and industry training to gain access to new knowledge, practices and cutting edge technology that will improve work.



We are committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment.  We do not limit ourselves to regulatory or legal compliance, but rather recognized the complex interrelated environmental issues and take a holistic approach to sustainable growth.

Our early start, did not go unnoticed by the EPA and we were chosen as one of the very few firms on the onset, to be part of the Akoben Project.  Akoben was a special audit program used to assess the environmental performance of manufacturing companies in Ghana.  We remain committed to protecting the environment even after the project.

We continue to analyse our manufacturing, services and logistics processes for more sustainable methods.


Golden Tower Ltd. as part of its CSR partnered with the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association of Ghana (PMAG) and donated an amount of GHS100,000.00 to the government of Ghana’s COVID FUND to curb the pandemic. Several medications and veronica buckets were donated to poor communities.

We continue to educate and assist vulnerable communities.

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