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Carbon is seen everywhere ,in the air we breathe(exhale) the food we eat, the product we purchase and use, are all made of Carbone, the more you know about and emissions the better equipped and make a positive difference.

Carbon in its most basic form is an element, it’s the most common elements in life on earth, from the air we breathe to the crops we grow the chemical makeup of our own bodies, carbon is literally the basis for life, Below depicts the beautiful nature of our forest reserves, very green, fresh, but due to bad management of industrial waste, emission of all kinds, we destroy and pollute the whole environment. The result is all kinds of diseases and sickness over the globe.

Everyday and all over the globe, these are the various ways of creating emissions and destroying the environment, When we talk about carbon emission, we are focusing on carbon dioxide, naturally, those from the industries. Carbon dioxide released into d atmosphere in a ton of ways. Nature in its own way turns to keep most of these emissions in balance, but we still need to prevent heat from escaping our atmosphere, thus excess heat keep disrupting weather patterns and higher global temperature averages.

Our institution abide by the rules and regulations of the Environmental protection Agencies EPA, following their standards of operation, our disposing of chemicals ,distilling of laboratory waste are all taken care in order not to destroy the environment ,our natural resources and our forest reserve.

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